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This Proctor Aviation Pvt Ltd website collects information regarding website users, including but not limited to IP addresses of the user and their Internet Service Provider (ISP), when you used our website, your computer's operating system, what parts of the website you visit operating system you are using, the sections of the Website you visit, pages accessed, and any material you may post (such as resumes) or retrieve off the site. This type of information is used by our system administration division, and may be used to make changes to our website. This type of information may be disclosed to others and chronicled for later purposes.


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The Proctor Aviation Pvt Ltd website may solicit you to provide your CV, resume, name, address, phone number, e-mail address, fax number, etc.). This information may be used to enable us to contact you, to allow you to use specific features of the website, etc. If you do not provide the requested information, you may not be able to access all of the features of the Proctor Aviation Pvt Ltd website. Proctor Aviation Pvt Ltd may use such information to contact and communicate with you, to reply to your questions, to provide you with information or services, or as applicable law otherwise permits. All communications/information may be kept on file for such period of time as deemed appropriate by Proctor Aviation Pvt Ltd, or subject to applicable law.

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If you have agreed, Proctor Aviation Pvt Ltd may send to you email or other communication containing information about Proctor Aviation Pvt Ltd or other entities. You may request Proctor Aviation Pvt Ltd to discontinue sending you e-mails at any time by sending an e-mail to

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Proctor Aviation Pvt Ltd may utilize personal and/or non-personal information (IP addresses, operating systems, etc.) to compile statistics on user characteristics (residence, income, and other demographic information) and use of the Proctor Aviation Pvt Ltd website. Proctor Aviation Pvt Ltd may provide these types of statistics to other parties. No personally identifiable information is contained in such statistics or reports. You will not be identifiable based on such compilation of data. Proctor Aviation Pvt Ltd complies with all applicable law regarding maintaining the confidentiality of all personally identifiable information (flight crew licence data, phone numbers, addresses, aliases, etc.). All such information will be utilized only in conformance with this policy. Should you decide to no longer use this website, the information you may have previously submitted will remain subject to this policy.

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Proctor Aviation Pvt Ltd will only disclose personal information under the following circumstances: (a) persons you have authorized Proctor Aviation Pvt Ltd to provide such information; (b) Proctor Aviation Pvt Ltd may disclose personal information to affiliated business entities, subsidiaries, etc. for employment related use or for reasons regarding your use of the website; (c) Proctor Aviation Pvt Ltd may provide your personal information to its clients for employment purposes, or to Proctor Aviation Pvt Ltd vendors for usage purposes; (d) Proctor Aviation Pvt Ltd may provide your personal information to another business entity in the event of a sale, transfer or merger provided the other entity agrees to keep all such information confidential according to terms at least as strict as this policy; (e) Proctor Aviation Pvt Ltd is authorised by you to contact any of your personal references as provided by you, for the purposes of background verification (f) Proctor Aviation Pvt Ltd may disclose your personal information as directed by applicable law, law enforcement agencies, governmental agencies, investigations of unlawful activity, to comply with a warrant or subpoena or an order of a court to produce employment related records.

Record Retention and Security.

Proctor Aviation Pvt Ltd maintains all information provided by you at its headquarters at Mumbai, India or at other locations deemed appropriate by Proctor Aviation Pvt Ltd for the storage of such information. Proctor Aviation Pvt Ltd uses security measures applicable to the nature of the information provided. Bear in mind that risks cannot ever be completely eliminated and Proctor Aviation Pvt Ltd is unable to guarantee that your personal information will not be disclosed contrary to this policy. Proctor Aviation Pvt Ltd complies with all applicable law upon the occurrence of any unauthorized disclosure of personally identifiable information.

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You are entitled to request access to your personal information, as well as Proctor Aviation Pvt Ltd collection, disclosure and use of such information you have provided. To request access, please contact Proctor Aviation Pvt Ltd at You will then be eligible to review such information in accordance with law, to dispute the accuracy or completeness of such information, or to request changes to such information.


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